Champion Sports Club, Non-Governmental Organization

IC "Champion", founded in 2003, during its existence has prepared:

  • 6 masters of sports of Ukraine of the international class
  • 15 masters of sports of Ukraine
  • 60 candidates for masters of sports of Ukraine
  • Member of the Ukrainian Karate Federation (official representative of the World Karate Federation (WKF), recognized by the International Olympic Committee).
  • Today the club is represented by 26 halls in different districts of Kyiv

Athletes of the Champion Sports Complex competed for the awards of the official European and World Karate Championships.

  • 2004 gold medal at the European Championship
  • 2006 silver medal at the European Championship
  • 2013 bronze medal at the European Cadet Championship.
  • 2017 silver medal at the World Championships for adults.
  • 2019 bronze medal at the World Championship among adults.
  • Results of official series A tournaments (Olympic selection):
  • 2018 bronze medal for adults.
  • 2019 1 gold, 4 bronze, youth league.

Our goals:

  • Promoting the involvement of children in sports by creating sports sections on the basis of secondary schools in Kyiv;
  • Promoting the promotion, formation, recognition and development of karate as a type of martial arts in Kiev.